Moving in…

This marks as my first day to try a new blog out of tumblr. I had my blog at tumblr for four years now and I thought I need to move on and in to a more mature and broad platform. I had a much older blog at tabulas which have been inactive for almost 2 years now due to personal reasons I can’t quite disclose yet. I started that blog back in 2009! Yes, I love blogging that much but I do not have the patience and perseverance to regularly update and customize my site. I only want to write, even though my posts are most of the time nonsensical in their simplest form (well, at least to me, they mean a lot!).

So in moving in to this new site, I plan to:

  • WRITE MORE. This has got to be my mid-year resolution for the last two years but due to work (recent) and other personal (disturbing) matters, I am not able to write as many decent post as I want.
  • LEARN TO DESIGN MY SITE.  I’ve seen a number of blogs. Aside from their contents and features, what I always marvel at is their design and how they managed to customized it. One of my fave blogger in the Philippines is Saab Magalona and I learned somewhere that she edits and customizes her blog all by herself, this she does without any IT background and she only learned them along the way! I wanna peg my editing skills to her. 
  • CARE LESS WHAT THE READERS WILL THINK. In my previous blogs, I tend to limit myself to what I write and post that I most of the time seemed a bit held-back. I often think that if I write about sex, people will think that I only think about it.That if I write about being brokenhearted, people will think that I have been brokenhearted or stuffs. I don’t know. I often over think about these stuffs that are really a waste of my time. Gah! 
  • EXPLORE MORE THINGS & SHARE. I’m 25 years old. I’ve lived my 25 years of my life inside the grounds of my comfort zone that I think I need some adventures in my life and I feel the need to share it (and care less about what the readers will think). I wanna attend a regular Yoga Class (and blog about it), cook a decent, edible meal (and blog about it), travel to Egypt (and blog about it), wear a black leather pants (and blog about it). I wanna try new stuffs and share it to the world. I want to be able to look back on my life and see lots of adventures that will make my life worth while.
  • MAINTAIN THIS BLOG FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY.  I love longevity. I admire people who maintains relationship, residency, and connections with people and things in their lives for quite a long time. I plan to maintain this blog until the end of time. I want to be able to write in here when I’m 64, or older, much much older! Oh, I can’t wait to start writing!

When I’m about to start reading a book, I have this indescribable feeling I get when I flip on the first few pages. It’s like I can’t wait to start reading it and be engulfed in it. That’s how I feel now. I can’t wait to write and share my life, views and opinions in life to the world! 


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