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What I saw when I went to Chinatown.

I have been in Singapore for over a month now and have seen some of the popular tourist’s attractions like Sentosa and Marina Bay. I still haven’t seen a lot of places here ‘coz I am prioritizing more important things and need to set things like “touring” aside. Yesterday, I felt stressed from my current Pass Application-related dilemma that I spontaneously thought that I need to go out and distract my mind.

My sister who’s based here, suggested I see Chinatown and since I haven’t been there, I decided to go.

Singapore’s Transportation System is very convenient that I didn’t think twice of plunging in to the heat of the sun and took the No. 72 bus bound to the nearest MRT station to Chinatown. It took me less than an hour and viola, Chinatown it is!


This place is perfect for all sizes and shapes and races of tourists for the most affordable souvenirs from Singapore can be found here. Variations of souvenirs from key chains to T-shirts to Chinese charms and natural stones to almost anything that will remind you of Chinatown and of Singapore in general are sold here.

These are just some of the souvenirs I found yesterday which are basically composed of Chinese charm bracelets and natural stones.


These are also Chinese-inspired stuffs but I had no idea what’s they’re called.


These pots are just too cute to ignore. They vary in sizes, shapes and colors too! I love things that are colorful and these didn’t come unnoticed to my watchful eyes.


These are mostly figures from Chinese History and myths including Buddha figurines and stuffs. P.S. In this shop, picture-taking is not allowed but I still managed to snap a single shot. Ha!


Of course, the ever so famous Merlions are all scattered in every part of Chinatown.


Most of the items sold in Chinatown comes in bundled prices like “Any 2 for S$10” or “3 items for S$10”. Really perfect for your souvenir-buying escapade!


At the end of the street of souvenir-selling stalls in downtown Chinatown, I found a Hindu Temple which allowed tourists to enter the premises provided that you take your shoes off when you enter the Temple.

This is the facade of the Temple.


The Temple is called “Sri Mariamman Temple” which happened to be the oldest Hindu Temple in Singapore.

IMG_20140612_184503There were signs at the entrance of the temple that requires tourists to purchase IDs for their cameras prior to entering. I did not purchase an ID for my phone’s camera but I was able to take some pictures and selfies inside! Ha! Sorry not sorry. 🙂

One thing I liked about downtown Chinatown is the designs of the buildings that are mostly painted in lively colors. It added life to the already lively streets of the area!





I only went to this place in  Chinatown (downtown) which mostly sold souvenirs and that one particular Hindu temple but I know there are still more places (and temples) to see and explore in there. Spending my afternoon there for almost 2 hours really distracted me from all the worries and stress I feel over my Pass.

I know I will be back in Chinatown. I have all the time in the world and I can go back anytime I want and discover many more things. For now, I can only share these stuffs and places to you. ‘Til my next wondering and wanderings! Ciao!


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