Family · June 2014 · Personal

How big-bellied men affect me.

I’ve always known my Dad as this big-bellied man who’s main purpose in life is to make us laugh! Over the years I’ve seen him grow and his mid-section grow larger and rounder! Haha. That’s how big-bellied men affect me, they remind me of my Dad. They give me this warm and fuzzy feeling and the urge to just hug them whenever I see one.

My Father is not your usual advise-giving, strict Dad that makes sure you got home on time, you prioritized your studies and stuffs. He was not like that. If anything, he was more like a friend to me and my siblings. Where most Dads would talk about your future plans and aspirations in life, he would rave and rant about the latest Tom Cruise movie and would ask if I’ve seen it and what I think about it. Where most Dads would ground you for a week for talking back at them and being disrespectful, he is always an image of forgiveness.


Growing up, I’d always hate it when they say I look a lot like my Dad. As a little girl, I had this feeling that I would prefer to look like my Mom than to look like my Dad because really, if they say I look like my Dad it’s like they’re telling me I look like a man. Haha! But that was my mentality back then. When I look at him now, I am more convinced that I really do look like him. And it doesn’t make me mad now, I see that aside from the life he’s given me in this lifetime, I have his facial features to remind me where I come from, what I’m made of.


I used to laugh about my Dad’s corniest jokes when I was a kid but when I got older, I find them a bit foolish and would sometimes throw a sharp remark about how lame his joke was. Through all these, he remained the Tatay from my childhood who could so easily forgive me long before I even say my sorry. On times like that, I often hate myself for hurting him. But what can I do, I sometimes get into this bitchy personality and all I could do is say sorry later on. I’m thankful my Dad is that forgiving.


It’s not enough to be grateful to your parents for all the things they’ve done for you. It’s also important that you give back to them the things that they’ve given you when you’re growing up. It may not measure up to all the great things they’ve done, but the fact that they know you are making an effort to give back is worth it.

I now live far from my Dad. I do not hear his voice on a daily basis, see his funny face everyday and hear his regular jokes that I regret not laughing at the simplest joke he make, that I did not join him watch the latest Hunger Games movie, and that I did not buy him a DVD copy of the Game of Thrones. I know I’m not a baby anymore and I have to spread my wings to learn to live on my own. It’s the reason why I live far from my parents. I know I’m older now but when things aren’t going my way, I still wish I was with my parents, and that my Dad would cheer me up. Because really, his jokes can do wonder!

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I would like to take this chance to tell my Dad how much I love him. I may not say it all the time but I mean it. I salute all the Fathers out there who have loved and nurtured their kids in their own, most unique fatherly way they can. You are the basis of your sons in this lifetime so be a good father, it is your footsteps they are following after all.

Happy Father’s Day and Mabuhay!


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