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#FangirlMode : ON (Bianca Gonzalez)

The fundamental structure and idea of greatness, cool-ness and awesome-ness in me formed when I was in Junior High School. It is in that time when I started reading Teen Magazines (Candy, Chalk, Seventeen and Meg) from where I get the notion that if you know a lot of things, you are cool. From there on, I started hoarding information from Hollywood, to Literature, to Current Events, Politics, Cosmetics, Sports what-have-you. I strive to know the difference between “compliment” and “complement”, I learned about the genius works of Haruki Murakami, I was introduced to the wonderful art of reading and a desperate voice in me woke up and wanted to be a WRITER. Ofcourse it’s never easy to learn everything from A-Z given the limited source of information I had then. Yes, internet was around but No, we didn’t have a desktop (yes, people. DESKTOP!) so I had to save up my allowance monthly just to buy the latest issue of Candy and fill up my mind with all the latest and useful knowledge I could get from the Magazine.

It is in these Magazines that I found a girl that inspired me to be better in all aspect of life. She is Bianca Gonzalez. She is just a College Girl back then, doing Modeling, Court-side Reporting, occasional Writing and eventually Hosting on TV (Y-Speak). I found in her the “ME” that I’ve always wanted to be. She is smart, fashionable, pretty, sporty and all. As time goes by, my admiration for her grew to the point that I pegged my life on hers.

Last month, out of pure impulse, I sent her an email, a fanmail you may call. I just told her how I look up to her and how she is my Life Peg. How I’ve always wanted to write and asked for some tips on how she maintains her white wardrobe, WHITE. Haha. I didn’t expect her to reply, but surprise, surprise! She replied a week later and I am just so ecstatic!

As this is a major #fangirl moment for me, I must show her full email to me. Oh, nothing. I just wanna brag about it. Ha.



I’ve always followed her life thru twitter and instagram and from her posts, I can honestly say that I wanna be like her. Even until now that I am 25 and people thinks I already got my shit together, I still feel that I want to be like her.

To people who doesn’t really know Bianca, here are some of the many things I like about her.

1.) She is intelligent and she uses it in good way. She is smart and she encourage others to find ways to be smart, too. Recently, she took up a 5-day intensive course in London where she regularly posts updates on instagram. I like how she impose to everybody that we are never too old to learn new things.



2. She maintains a balanced professional and personal life -and she still has time to work out. I only have one job, no Boyfriend and I still can’t have time to find a sport/work-out where I can regularly be active in. She, on the other hand, has hosting, writing and other stuffs, she still do her Pilates & swimming regularly, and have quality time for her Boyfriend, now fiance.


3. She raise awareness when calamity strikes the Philippines, is a patriot, and an advocate of Earth Faces.


4. She continually empowers the youth and let everybody know the importance of education.



5. She is such a supportive girlfriend. I always see her posts about her fiance’s (JC Intal) performance on his game and my heart always melt when she puts the hashtag #fangirlfriend. I know every girl are their boyfriend’s no.1 fan but there is something about Bianca and how proud she is of JC that moves me every time.



In general, what I like about Bianca is her passion for knowledge and youth empowerment. The fact that she is an all-around modern day Filipina adds up to all those things and more. Of course there are some stuffs she supports that I don’t, but that doesn’t make me love her any less. I just acknowledge the fact that we are two different people with different beliefs and that in spite of it all, I still think she is awesome.

I hope she continues to inspire the youth (and everybody else) about the importance of education and knowledge. As for me, I will always be her #fangirl, always following her (instagram & twitter) every step of the way.

P.S. I wish one day I get to meet her in person and have some snapshots together.

P.P.S. She advised me to write more, write about anything I like and so here I am.

P.P.P.S. All photos are all courtesy of her instagram account —> iamsuperbianca





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