Shawty, it’s your Birthday!

I wish it’s my birthday today! There’s just this pleasant feeling that come along with this thing they call “birthday”..

I don’t know, I just feel like when people know it’s your birthday, they’re kinda (extra) nice to you. Like they owe you something. Like, they write on your Facebook Wall and greet you or post a collage of your photos with greetings on it. That’s why I don’t publish my birthday on Facebook. Coz then, people will only realize my birthday because FB told them so, not because they know it in their heart.

While I don’t like the idea of birthdays being singled out of all the days in the calendar as the “be-extra-nice-to-her-today-it’s-her-birthday-day”, I think I’ve become a part of those people who only remembers other’s birthday coz of Facebook. And it’s absurd. But it’s the truth. I remember my closest friends’ birthdays but not all my friends! So we’re just even, Ha!

In the past years, I greet people on Facebook when it’s their birthday, even to those I’ve only shared a single conversation throughout our relationship as “acquaintance” but recently, I’ve continue to just ignore others’ birthdays. I don’t know, I just feel guilty that if not for Facebook, I wouldn’t even greet her, let alone be aware of her birthday. But at the same time, I also feel guilty over the fact that I did not greet her on her day, while all our common friends have greeted her. Oh, what the hell! I don’t care.

I just really wish it’s my birthday today.

Like when it’s my B-day, I feel extra happy. Like I own the day. Like I expect everyone to be nicer to me! And always smile at me when they see me. Or give me gifts, or sing me the “Happy Birthday to you” song, or whatever, eat fire in front of me. Ha!

If only I could have that mentality 365 days a year (excluding leap year), I guess I’ll have a more pleasant face to show to the world. Haha! I’ve been grumpy these past months that most people at work always asks me what’s wrong? Oh god, I didn’t mean  to frown all the time. It’s just that, something slapped me real hard in the face recently that I couldn’t pick myself up and get my shit together.

I feel a little OK now. I don’t frown all the time, just stares blankly at nowhere in particular. Lol. Kidding. But really, I’m on my way to being fully OK. I just need this “it’s-my-birthday-today” mentality to get my shit together.

So, greet me! It’s my birthday today! Yay! And be EXTRA nice to me, bitches!!!



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