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#FangirlMode : ON (The Office)

The Office is a US TV Series aired from 2005 til 2013 with 9 seasons in total and a whole lot of fun and epic episodes you can watch over and over again without getting bored!


One of its main characters is Michael Scott, the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company who is a socially-awkward guy who almost always makes a scene wherever he goes. Personally, I like his character even though his staffs don’t have respect for him, and even though he always gets into trouble. I think he plays a big part in the show’s success as his lines are always funny, and man, it’s Steve-fucking-Carell! Who wouldn’t laugh at that guy! Such a great comedian! I love him!


And then there’s Dwight Schrute! Oh boy, so much to say about this character. I can’t even. Ugh. Dwight is the highest ranking Salesman in their branch and is a very competitive guy. He owns Schrute Farm, a Bed and Breakfast farm where he mostly grows beets. He may be described as an odd character as he most of the time doesn’t get the joke in the Office and the things that he only mind about are his work, his sales, his performance and his loyalty to Michael. He is also romantically-involved with Angela in the series and I kinda like how their relationship evolved from season to season. I like how Dwight is so loyal to Michael no matter how stupid his ideas are, Dwight will always support him with all the way!


On the romantic, more “sane” side of the show, they have Pam and Jim’s story which really appeals to me big time. Their story is about how Jim liked Pam since day one without her, knowing it. Jim’s love is unrequited because Pam is engaged in the early part of the show but eventually, they end up with each other. I like how Jim and Pam are best friends before even being a couple.



The rest of the gang complements the craziness these four characters brings in the show. The Accounting Dept includes homosexual Oscar, goody-two shoes Angela and glutton, shallow pal Kevin.


The rest of the Sales Team includes Andy, the short-tempered guy who likes to sing and is madly in love with Erin the receptionist, not to say have been engaged with Angela of Accounting.


Phyllis, part of the Sales Team who gets bullied by Michael because of her weight and Stanley who couldn’t be any more bored in the Office and everybody else. He doesn’t have respect for Michael.


Ryan and Kelly who had an on-again-off-again relationship throughout the series. Ryan who is being played by B.J. Novak and Kelly by Mindy Kaling are both writers/producers of the show. It makes it all the more cool than other shows coz, really, actors writing, and writers acting? Just epic!


Meredith, a single Mom who loves alcohol and sleeping around.


Creed, the old guy who almost always say things that are out of this world. And tends to forget his Office mates’ names.


Toby, the HR guy who doesn’t really get along with Michael. Haha, Michael hates Toby so much he can only explain and understand that hatred he has for Toby.


In general, the fact that this show makes me laugh and lifts the burden of a day’s worth of stress from work is reason enough to patronize it. I love how the characters are all shallow, and wittingly funny and amazingly dorky in all their own simple way. I like how one line from Michael could make me laugh and forget about all the bad things in life. This show made me realize that life is too short to always take things seriously.

Disclaimer: Currently, I’m only on my 7th Season of The Office and I know more characters will join this one helluva cast. So the above list are the only casts I know of, as of now.

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Stranger in Your Land.

People at work have been asking me this one question since my first day in the company:

“So, how do you find Singapore? Do you like it?”

For someone who came from a developing country, I’m easily pleased with what I have seen, and continue to see in this country. So whenever that question was asked at me, I always reply; “Yes, I really like staying here!” ..

To better elaborate the things I have been enjoying in this place, I made a list.

  • Transportation. Singapore’s main modes of transportation is via the MRT and Bus. What I like about it is that MRT stations are so easy to navigate and Bus Routing System too is hassle-free. Buses and Trains are all in good and clean condition and are all organized. You wouldn’t really worry about getting lost in the City.


  • Food. Since most people here came from different Nations from nearby countries, choices of cuisine comes from Indian, to Malay, to Chinese and what-have-you. It only takes me a few steps (or Bus Stops) to get to the nearest Hawker Center and grab whatever I am craving for.


  • Shopping!!! Most Stores/Malls here offers promotions almost every month! There’s always that 30% Off or Buy 2 Take 1 Free stuffs and all the other alluring phrases they use to catch customers!


  • People. Recently, a very offensive article by a Singaporean attacking Filipinos went viral online. It fueled up anger of some Filipinos to other locals but all was settled in the end. Luckily, my experience with locals (and some PRs) have been very rewarding as most of the people I work with are very helpful and doesn’t really give me a hard time. Some of them, I even treat as new found friends! Even Taxi Drivers are often chatty and very accommodating. I guess the one who wrote that article is one bad apple.



  • Safety. I read from somewhere that Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world and I can attest to that! People can stay out at night without having to worry about pick-pockets or stuffs. Also, crimes in here are limited as fines and sanctions are really serious. I like how people here are disciplined and don’t do anything that can harm others.


  • Recreations. I love that places for Recreations and Relaxation is just an hour-ride away from our place. Singapore is not that big country so you can actually explore half of it in one day. I like how you can go from Universal Studios to Sentosa Island and go to Marina Bay in around 1- 2 hours.Talk about making the most out of your day.


Those are just few of the many things I enjoy in here so far. Give me some more time, and the list will go on. 🙂


Do I bore you?

I came in at work this morning (on time!!) only to find out the door/s to our office are locked. We had to wait for 2 hours or so to have someone (with keys) arrive and opened the goddamn locked doors! While waiting, I was sitting with two of my colleagues and we’re all feeling sleepy. We were sitting side by side and one of my Chinese colleague saw my sleepy eyes and said “Oh, you sleepy too. Where did you go last night?” Then I said, “No, I just stayed at home, but I slept 11pm so I’m sleepy now”..

Then she was like: “Woah, 11pm, so early!” … then I was like: “No, it’s not..” then I suddenly feel bored with my life! Haha! 😀

If you look at it, my life is boring. Really boring. My weekdays are mostly composed of work-home-eat-sleep-repeat. It’s that same routine and recently, I’m starting to feel bored with it. Like, I need something to break the rhythm.. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that, I now live in one of the most civilized countries in Southeast Asia and all I do is just work, watch The Office, read books and stay home.

Back home, I don’t party, don’t go out and stuffs. I was like this even then, so why would I change that all of a sudden just because I live in a different country, right? Don’t see the logic in it.. Hehe. 🙂

Even if I try going out at night, I only end up blaming myself for wasting my time on stuffs like that. Like, all the time I was out “partying”, all I ever really think about is how warm my bed is and how I wanna go home already and SLEEEEEEEP. Yes, I am that boring.

Sometimes, I’d really wanna try going/partying out, but most of the time I find myself laying in bed all bundled up for the day. Yeah, sometimes I wanna drink and get drunk (and get wasted!) but just the thought of it exhaust me already. I wanna go dancing in a club but then I realized how awkward I look when I dance. Ha!

At the end of the day, we do the things that we are most comfortable with. Be it reading, or browsing the net, drinking, partying, getting wasted until the wee of hours or whatever. It’s your life, so you get full control over it.

As to me, I have all the time in the world to read and read and read.. AND READ!


And go to all the Book Sale events I could attend!


And wait for The Wicked: Musical to come here in Singapore! I promise, I’m gonna see it!


I’m still contemplating on this one though, it’s gonna be here on Jan 2015! To go or not to go?


When you really look at the things that makes you happy in life, getting bored is the last thing you would really feel. I guess we all have our own definition of “adventure” and “fun”, and whatever is your definition of it, I support you 100%!