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#FangirlMode : ON (The Office)

The Office is a US TV Series aired from 2005 til 2013 with 9 seasons in total and a whole lot of fun and epic episodes you can watch over and over again without getting bored!


One of its main characters is Michael Scott, the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company who is a socially-awkward guy who almost always makes a scene wherever he goes. Personally, I like his character even though his staffs don’t have respect for him, and even though he always gets into trouble. I think he plays a big part in the show’s success as his lines are always funny, and man, it’s Steve-fucking-Carell! Who wouldn’t laugh at that guy! Such a great comedian! I love him!


And then there’s Dwight Schrute! Oh boy, so much to say about this character. I can’t even. Ugh. Dwight is the highest ranking Salesman in their branch and is a very competitive guy. He owns Schrute Farm, a Bed and Breakfast farm where he mostly grows beets. He may be described as an odd character as he most of the time doesn’t get the joke in the Office and the things that he only mind about are his work, his sales, his performance and his loyalty to Michael. He is also romantically-involved with Angela in the series and I kinda like how their relationship evolved from season to season. I like how Dwight is so loyal to Michael no matter how stupid his ideas are, Dwight will always support him with all the way!


On the romantic, more “sane” side of the show, they have Pam and Jim’s story which really appeals to me big time. Their story is about how Jim liked Pam since day one without her, knowing it. Jim’s love is unrequited because Pam is engaged in the early part of the show but eventually, they end up with each other. I like how Jim and Pam are best friends before even being a couple.



The rest of the gang complements the craziness these four characters brings in the show. The Accounting Dept includes homosexual Oscar, goody-two shoes Angela and glutton, shallow pal Kevin.


The rest of the Sales Team includes Andy, the short-tempered guy who likes to sing and is madly in love with Erin the receptionist, not to say have been engaged with Angela of Accounting.


Phyllis, part of the Sales Team who gets bullied by Michael because of her weight and Stanley who couldn’t be any more bored in the Office and everybody else. He doesn’t have respect for Michael.


Ryan and Kelly who had an on-again-off-again relationship throughout the series. Ryan who is being played by B.J. Novak and Kelly by Mindy Kaling are both writers/producers of the show. It makes it all the more cool than other shows coz, really, actors writing, and writers acting? Just epic!


Meredith, a single Mom who loves alcohol and sleeping around.


Creed, the old guy who almost always say things that are out of this world. And tends to forget his Office mates’ names.


Toby, the HR guy who doesn’t really get along with Michael. Haha, Michael hates Toby so much he can only explain and understand that hatred he has for Toby.


In general, the fact that this show makes me laugh and lifts the burden of a day’s worth of stress from work is reason enough to patronize it. I love how the characters are all shallow, and wittingly funny and amazingly dorky in all their own simple way. I like how one line from Michael could make me laugh and forget about all the bad things in life. This show made me realize that life is too short to always take things seriously.

Disclaimer: Currently, I’m only on my 7th Season of The Office and I know more characters will join this one helluva cast. So the above list are the only casts I know of, as of now.


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