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Holiday Away From Home

If you’re a Filipino and about to read my next statement, you’ll definitely agree with me. Christmas at home (Philippines) is one of the best (if not the best) Christmas celebration/experience there is on Earth!

This is the first Christmas I am away from Home and family and friends. Months before, I was already preparing myself for a boring, “busy” Holidays brought about by work and other stuffs. Other stuffs include, touring my former boss (from Phils.) and his family coming over in SG for a Holiday and that means I will be taking leave of absence from work, which by the way, have been screwing me lately!!!

Throughout the whole time that I was “tour-guiding” my former boss’s family, I felt at home. Like I felt I belong with them. I speak the same language, laugh at the same jokes, and just plain feel at HOME. See, working in a foreign country with colleagues that are 100% NOT Filipinos can be real tough sometimes. They oftentimes talk to their own language and I find myself curling in one corner, waiting to be recognized. Don’t get me wrong, my colleagues are all real nice to me, but of course I can’t expect them to always look after me.

Most of the places we went to, were the ones I don’t often visit on a regular day so that gave me the impression that I was touring too!



We went to Universal Studios but they enjoyed Gardens By the Bay more! I bet USS is more for the kids!


They stayed for 6 days and I missed with being them when they went back home. I was suddenly “homesick” for a while because I got used to being around them. Good thing our housemates’s family from Phils. also spent the Holidays here (and they were here longer!) so at home, I also really felt at HOME. Tita (the Mother) always cleans our unit! Always do the laundry, cooks for us and tidy things up! I miss my Mom seeing her sweep our dusty floor (kidding, it’s not dusty) and cooking breakfast for us!


On Christmas we went to SEA Aquarium Marine Life in Sentosa and also went to Singapore Zoo on the 30th Dec. 2014 which I personally enjoyed because I got to see real Elephants!!


On New Year’s Eve (which was my sister’s birthday), we had a small celebration for her birthday and for the New Year’s Eve then we went to Marina Bay to watch fireworks and welcome the new year, that is 2015!

Marina Bay Sands Welcomes 2015 with a bang and we were to witness it!

I even get up the courage to take a selfie after the fireworks! Haha.


To sum up my Christmas and New Year’s Holidays in 2014, it was fun and home-y. The people who visited us made us feel like we’re all celebrating Christmas the way we do back home. Though I miss my family, I know I’m getting closer to the day I can be with them again. And when that moment comes, I know it will be more festive than any Christmas celebration!

By the way, out of all the gifts I received for Christmas, this one is the best.