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What It Feels to be at Philea – Melaka.

People in Singapore take the opportunity to travel when Chinese New Year comes. And since it is located around the area of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, touring on these countries comes in handy since you can travel by land to Malaysia, by sea to Indonesia and by air to Thailand in just a few hours.

My sister and I, together with a couple of friends (that are more like family to us) decided to go and check this Groupon Deal at Philea Resort and Spa located in Melaka, Malaysia. We take the coach service from Singapore and it took us about 6 hours before we reach the resort.

Here we are during Customs Inspection outside Malaysia Customs.



And here we are (photo above) trying on some Malaysian street foods we got from one of our stops.

Philea Resort is one of the leading log resorts in Malaysia. It’s a perfect getaway for people looking for peace and comfort. Their villas are all inspired of American Log Houses you see on movies with Summer Camps in it. Reminded me of Parent Trap for a while.

Our rooms are at the second floor of this villa that comes with a veranda view of the resort.


Each room looks kinda, sorta like this.


Cozy enough you would want to spend the day in bed! The feel of the interior of the room is so relaxing and so nature-y. Not like the other rooms from most resorts where they’re all made of concrete materials.


Upon arriving, we immediately bask in the resort’s simple yet refreshing pool with a man-made falls that added more natural feel to the experience.


It’s a Steam Boat kind of night when we had our dinner! It’s my first time to ever try this and I so enjoyed it. I loved eating food straight out of the the Hot Pot and it just fill my stomach with so much seafood goodness.


There was a Bar in the resort so we also went in there but only spent a few minutes inside as we are not those type of person to go in Bar and stay until the wee of hours. Instead, we went and play billiards and darts outside the cramped Bar.


The deal that we bought is for 2 days and 1 night only, and even if we want to extend, rooms are all fully booked due to the Chinese New Year Holidays and a lot of people are taking this chance to spend time to unwind. With the budget-friendly and nature-y amenities of Philea, it’s no wonder it was fully booked during that time.

We went back to Singapore the next day feeling refreshed and relaxed.

In general, I would recommend Philea to families with small children and elderly people as it has this calming ambiance you won’t get from most resorts. The location too is very commendable as it is so peaceful you wouldn’t hear much noise from around the area.

Their staffs are friendly and they have around five restaurants you could choose from when dining. Also, they have Spa (which we weren’t able to check due to time constraint), Karaoke Rooms, a Chill Out Bar, Phili Kidz , where you can let your kids play in a room full of toys and a Gym.


To check out Philea’s amenities and offerings, you may visit their website here.


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