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#FangirlMode : ON (Orange is The New Black)

Orange is The New Black is an original Netflix series that showcase the lives of inmates in a minimum security women’s  federal prison set at Litchfield Penitentiary, somewhere in New York with the lead character Piper Chapman played by Taylor Schilling. Together with Piper, the show is fired-up with the diverse personalities and ethnicity of inmates and Correctional Officers alike.


OITNB premieres with the main character Piper Chapman being sentenced to 15 months at Litchfield, she was convicted of transporting a large amount of drug money for her then girlfriend, Alex Vause who is a big time drug dealer. In the early part of Season 1, Piper was engaged to his boyfriend, Larry but was later on called off due to Piper’s infidelity. She cheated on Larry, with Alex.

This here is Piper.


And this is Alex, who was the reason why Piper is in prison.


The inmates are divided by race, there are the White, Black, Spanish and Minority group.

The whites are being led by Red (Russian) who is the Chef of the prison (in Season 1) and acts as the Mother of all the white girls. I like Red because she’s very protective of her girls and she’s hilarious too! Her girls includes Nicky, Gina, Norma, Alex, Piper, Boo, Morello, Jones and just about any white girl that comes in.

200_s (1)

My personal favorite among the whites would have to be Nicky because she doesn’t like drama, straight to the point and has this ” I’m-tough-don’t-mess-with-me” vibe though she  gets along with almost everyone in the prison. She loves Red like a real Mom and their relationship is one of the many things I like about OITNB.

Natasha Lyonne (L) and Kate Mulgrew (R) in a scene from Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” Season 2. Photo credit: Ali Goldstein for Netflix.

The black girls are Taystee, Poussey, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes”, Black Cindy and Janae. Of all the groups in the prison, I am most entertained with these girls as they are hilarious as hell! I like Black Cindy ‘coz girl, she’s witty !


Latinas are lead by Gloria, who became the Chef in Season 2 after Red had a few conflict with a correctional officer. Her group includes Flaca, Daya, Blanca, Ramos and Aleida. I like Gloria out of them all as she too, is one tough lady. Also, she is neutral to all and doesn’t let things like race groupings get in her way.


Minority group includes Soso and Chang. I like Soso ‘coz I see her heart is so pure and delicate, prison is not for her. She got in because of her protests for logging a tree in which she lived in so they wouldn’t cut it off.


One character I like in this series (which does not belong to any group) is Pennsatucky. She used to have bad teeth due to drug abuse but that was fixed later in Season 2 due to Healy’s favor for her. I like her now more than I do in the early seasons ‘coz she became more normal than before. I like her ‘coz she’s independent, doesn’t need a group or a clique to validate her existence. I find her cute and childish sometimes, but I guess all of ’em are.


What I like most about OITNB is that it shows how these criminals co-exist with each other and shows no matter how flawed they all are, they still can live and love like normal/free human beings. They don’t let their crimes define them and I think it applies to  all of us. Our mistakes doesn’t define us, it shouldn’t stop us from achieving things.


I read somewhere that it was renewed for a 5th, 6th and 7th season. That’s a big “YAY!” for me! Season 4 will be released on June and I couldn’t be any more excited about it!


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