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Bob Dylan And His Nobel Prize.

I’m a bookworm. I love and worship books. And being the bookworm in me, it’s important that I know and follow authors that are winners/nominees for either Nobel Prize, Man Booker Prize, Pulitzer Prize and in our country, the local Palanca Award. It’s an added point if the author I’m reading falls under these categories (winner or nominee).

I’ve been following Nobel since the last two years (I guess?!) ’cause my favorite author (Haruki Murakami) have been nominated but have lost for two consecutive years! This year, the most coveted Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan and my initial reaction was whaaaa?!


Okay, I don’t know much about the guy but I do know that he is not a writer of books and Nobel Prize in Lit have always been won by prominent authors. So, why him?

I didn’t really google the guy and his contribution to the music industry and was ready to move on with my ordinary life until his acceptance speech came out and I was moved at the depth of his message.

The message was that he have always been all about his art and the songs that he write and how it will reach people and affect their lives. I conveyed that he never once stopped and think if what he’s doing is worthy of any awards for literature and that if it even is considered literature.

I was moved at how much effort and importance he gives to his and work and he values it without expecting anything in return, that the general reception of the public of his works is what he considered his awards. That for me, is the true definition of an “artist”.

It reminded me that I should have the same outlook in life and in my chosen profession as well. It’s true that where I am now (professionally) is not what I’ve dreamed of (but hey, it pays the bill. :/ ) Maybe, someday, I’ll find my true calling and thanks to Bob Dylan, I will always remember how it should be done; all for the work, expect nothing in return..

I can say that with this speech, I may have come to terms that maybe, he deserved the Nobel. I might have to pray hard for next year for Murakami san’s turn for the spotlight. Haha!

I am sharing with you snippet of his speech that I loved the most but you can check out the entirety of it in here.

Well, I’ve been doing what I set out to do for a long time, now. I’ve made dozens of records and played thousands of concerts all around the world. But it’s my songs that are at the vital center of almost everything I do. They seemed to have found a place in the lives of many people throughout many different cultures and I’m grateful for that.


Japan-tastic! (Tokyo Edition 2.0)

For the rest of our stay at Tokyo, we went to a few more tourist destinations.

Day 03. Akihabara Electric Town. Tokyo Imperial Palace. Asakusa Area

Akihabara would have to be one of those places I enjoyed touring while in Tokyo ’cause it’s filled with geeky toys and lively stores around the area.



While scanning the area, we found a kiosk of Pablo Tarts on one side of the street and I heard their tarts are a must-try when in Japan. We tried their (mini) Matcha Cheese Tart and it was beyond delicious! Best tasting tart I’ve ever tried! Ahhh! I wanna try all the flavors! Why haven’t they opened an outlet in SG?!


On the same day, we dropped by the Imperial Palace as well and then headed to Asakusa Area after.


These are photos taken outside the Imperial Palace. We were not allowed to go in so we settled on taking selfies outside.


At night we went to Asakusa for the famous Sensoji Temple but it was already closed when we reached the place! We had our dinner around the area -twice! Hahahaha!

The first place mainly serves Okonomiyaki and another dish with a name that also ends with “-miyaki” .. I can’t remember it though, ugh! They had us sat on a traditional Japanese dining table with cushion you can sit on.


The scene outside is like this, chairs & tables set/lined on almost every side of the street, Japanese lanterns and signage lighting the night and these jolly Japanese people drinking their way to the night! So lively, like the place is charged with energy from the whole day’s worth of stress from work or home or wherever they came from!

Before we end our 3rd day in Tokyo, we had RAMEN! Yes people, Ramen -again! Ha! I think my sister got to a point where she grew tired of eating it, but not me. Oh no sir, not me!


Day 04. Tsukiji Fish Market. Jimbocho Book Town. Roponggi Midtown.

The next day, we went to Tsukiji Fish Market in the morning. It’s popular for that early morning tuna-bidding and where you can get the freshest sushi in all of Japan. We didn’t arrived there THAT early (5am!) but we’re still lucky to witness tuna-cutting -at least something with tuna! Haha!


After trying on Tsukiji’s finest tuna and street (sea)foods of different variations, we went to this one place that’s topping my itinerary in Japan –Jimbocho Book Town. I learned about this place thru Pinterest when I saw a photo of a street lined with stalls of books & books & books! And so the bookworm in me googled it and told myself I should not miss this place!


I wanted to buy a Murakami (Haruki) book in Japanese but I had a hard time looking for it. Almost all the sellers I asked do not have his books! And then, those who claimed that they do have, asked me to check for myself! Gaaah, they’re all in Japanese, how do I check?! Though there were nice enough store owners who checked their books (one by one!) for me, I still didn’t get a copy ’cause they don’t have his books.


After the book town, we went to Roponggi Midtown and there is a funny yet heart-breaking (for me) story as to why we went there. I like Godzilla. Not super, fangirl-type of like but I’m fascinated by it. I found online (but didn’t read entirely!) that Roponggi Midtown has this giant replica of Godzilla that looks as if it’s coming out of the ground and yep, it’s selfie-worthy. Sooo, I dragged *le boyfriend (again!) only to find out that Godzilla was there in mid JUL-AUG in 2014!!!! OMG, how could I have been so guileless?! It broke my heart and so I leave you here with me in Roponggi Station feeling bummed-out because GODZILLA, where are you?!


Day 05. Tokyo Disneyland.

The day before we went to Tokyo Disneyland, my boyfriend is kind of having second thoughts if it’s really worth it to go or just stay at home to get enough rest before our flight back to SG the next day. Also, he was contemplating if we can skip Disneyland and go to Disney Sea instead? I think he felt I wanted to go to Disneyland and so the next morning, up we go and head on the happiest place on Earth! Haha!


The rides were all SAFE for kids and I kind of got bored with most of them! Haha! But if you have kids with ages 1-13 years old (or even teen-age ones!), they’ll surely enjoy this place.


Err, the last photo is the Queen of All Grainy Photos but I had to post because DISNEY!!! Haha, doesn’t make sense, I know! But yeah, that about wraps our Japan trip and it breaks our hearts to bid our Sayonara but we gotta do what we gotta do, ‘ya know..

To sum up our Japan trip, I’d say it’s quite expensive but it sure is worth it. I even thought of coming back (once my finances are stabled again!) ’cause there still are a lot of places I haven’t seen in Japan. The experience is commendable because the place is simply wonderful, a fusion of modern and ancient cultures -something you don’t find in many places nowadays.

So, until next time, Japan! ’til we meet again! Arigatou gozaimasu!