A load of Hong Kong!

I’ve read somewhere in the internet that once a year, you should go somewhere you haven’t been to. Well, it sure does sound like a plan, and with all the stress from work and our daily lives, why not indeed go somewhere you haven’t been and unwind or just simply wander. September this year, my boyfriend and I went on a quick holiday trip to one of the most populated countries, (one of the liveliest too!) in the world – Hong Kong!

We only had 4 days total including our flights to and from Singapore to explore Hong Kong. That was actually the challenge here! Ha! Our flight from SG is at 10 in the morning on a Saturday, arriving around 2pm at HKG. Upon arrival, we had a quick late lunch and head on to Hong Kong Disneyland for some photo op with the famous Disneyland arch (?). Whatever, the welcome arch thingy you see on their parks, that’s it!


We didn’t go inside the park because 1.) it’s expensive (not practical!) 2.) we didn’t have much time 3.) we’ve been on a Disneyland Park and we weren’t THAT impressed seeing it’s generally for kids! And so, after Disneyland, we went to find our Airbnb place located at Mong Kok.


On our second day, we went to Won Tai Sin Temple, Chi Lin Nunnery, Hing Fat Flower Market and Yuen Po Street Bird Market. Our place is located near an MTR station so transportation was not a problem on our part.

This was in Won Tai Sin Temple, it’s quite crowded the day we went there. Mostly Chinese tourists (maybe even locals) are everywhere praying, taking photos and just about doing any tourist-y things they do for fun.


This was in Chi Lin Nunnery, a very quiet Buddhist temple complex in Kowloon. Selfie sticks are not allowed in this place, and being the “basic tourist” in me, it definitely bummed me out. But hey, what did your Mother ever tell you about R-E-S-P-E-C-T, right?! So, it’s all good!


After Chi Lin Nunnery we went to have our lunch in a more urban area in Kowloon. Hong Kong is famous for its Beef Brisket dishes -you can choose between Beef Brisket Noodles or Rice meal. It’s actually one of the many things I will never forget about HK, its tender, tasty beef brisket.


After we had our lunch, we went to Hing Fat Flower Market which is just a walking distance from the place where we had our lunch. I personally liked this area because every way you turn, you will see flowers everywhere! They sell different kinds of flowers and potted plants too.


These are my favorites (photo below) but I didn’t know what they’re called. :/ Can someone please tell me what they’re called?


We only have two days (in essence) to go around Hong Kong and savor what the country has to offer. We felt we had to hit as many birds as possible in one stone (I mean day!) and yes, it’s my segue to the next place we went to on our 2nd day – Yuen Po Street Bird Market! Tweet!

I didn’t know that people in Hong Kong likes birds this much! In this place, they sell quite a few variety of breeds of birds, bird cages (photo below), bird foods and all sorts of stuffs essential to birds.



At night, we went to one of the famous night markets in Mong Kok and found out what the hype is all about!


There were a lot of colorful neon signs of all shapes and sizes and that makes the area more lively! Also, there were street performers on various areas that ranges from singers (mostly), to dancers and acrobats like the one shown in the below photo.


Food is mainly the thing that I will always remember of Hong Kong. In night markets, you will always find a food stall selling street foods that are mainly pork intestines, pork liver as well as the usual meatballs, siew mai on sticks and the likes.


On our 3rd and considered last day of exploring, we went to the Peak and sailed on the famed Aqua Luna at night.

As I’ve emphasized earlier on, I love anything food-related in Hong Kong. Also, I love breakfasts and breakfast food! One thing I’ve read online that we should not miss when in HK is their traditional breakfast meal that consists of a hot coffee or milk tea (MY PERSONAL FAVE IN THE WORLD!), macaroni noodles with strips of ham, a slice of pork or sausage and a toast. The combination could vary, but for me, the hot milk tea is always a must!


So, moving on. After breakfast, we went to the Lower Peak Tram Terminus to ride the famous Peak Tram that would take us to the Victoria Peak. The tram looked like this and the ride took us about 10 minutes (I guess?!) before we reached the Peak.


This is the Victoria Peak. From this vantage point, you will see the famed skyscrapers of Hong Kong as well as the Victoria Harbor. It will also give you the opportunity to see the mountainous side of Hong Kong .


To end our quick yet sweet escape to Hong Kong, we took an hour ride on this vintage-looking junk boat that sails from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central and back.


The package we bought online included a complimentary drinks per person. Nothing beats the view of Victoria Harbor and the sun setting behind. Plus, you’re holding a cold beer in one hand and your beau’s in the other. What more can you ask for?


To sum up our Hong Kong adventure I’d say that four days is not enough as there are more other things and places we could’ve visited. Also, it’s important that you consider the season you are going to in Hong Kong as it could get too hot and humid on some months (September included!). It’s better to go in mid-December to February as those are considered winter season. In terms of food, you could never go wrong as they offer a wide variety of choices from street foods to fine dining. Transportation is workable and easy to navigate, so it’s an easy peasy on that aspect.

In general, I loved Hong Kong for its noise and lively ambiance found in its modern city and street life. If given a chance, I’d definitely come back to this captivating place!

Book Review

Book Review: The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz


Who knows, perhaps the will to please leads people to crime as often as evil or greed does. People want to fit in and do well, and they do indescribably stupid things because of it.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web is the fourth installment in the Millenium Series written by Swedish journalist and writer, David Lagercrantz. Set in Sweden, this action-packed book is a continuation of the crime-solving adventures of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist.

The book introduced a renowned Swedish scientist named Frans Balder who have invented an A.I. that could make remarkable breakthrough in the field of science and technology. Seeing how promising this invention is, a certain underground group went after him that led him to his untimely death. Hours before he was murdered, he called Blomkvist with the intent of disclosing useful information he knows and about his invention. As Blomkvist got more and more involved with the investigation, he got in touch with Salander and together, they were to unravel other more disturbing truths behind the murder of Balder.

It’s quite a lengthy read to begin with, but with Lagercrantz writing, I was able to finish this book without getting bored. Though there were a few objection about the publication of this book, I could say it has given enough justice for Lisbeth’s comeback in the literary scene. Having read the trilogy (The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest) I can personally say that Larsson’s (author of the first three books) and Lagercrantz’s writing are of the same tone. The characters from the trilogy were able to maintain their significance in the story and in the lives of Blomkvist and Salander. Also, the plot was presented in an engaging way.

I’d rate it a 3 out of 5 stars because although I liked the book (the plot and everything was A-OK), I just felt that instead of re-living the story of the girl with the dragon tattoo, they could have introduced a new heroine and let Salander’s mystery be preserved with Larsson’s passing. I thought we could at least give it to Larsson to rest in peace and know that he owns the rights to Salander solely. But then again, this is just me. What do I know, right?!