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Bob Dylan And His Nobel Prize.

I’m a bookworm. I love and worship books. And being the bookworm in me, it’s important that I know and follow authors that are winners/nominees for either Nobel Prize, Man Booker Prize, Pulitzer Prize and in our country, the local Palanca Award. It’s an added point if the author I’m reading falls under these categories (winner or nominee).

I’ve been following Nobel since the last two years (I guess?!) ’cause my favorite author (Haruki Murakami) have been nominated but have lost for two consecutive years! This year, the most coveted Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan and my initial reaction was whaaaa?!


Okay, I don’t know much about the guy but I do know that he is not a writer of books and Nobel Prize in Lit have always been won by prominent authors. So, why him?

I didn’t really google the guy and his contribution to the music industry and was ready to move on with my ordinary life until his acceptance speech came out and I was moved at the depth of his message.

The message was that he have always been all about his art and the songs that he write and how it will reach people and affect their lives. I conveyed that he never once stopped and think if what he’s doing is worthy of any awards for literature and that if it even is considered literature.

I was moved at how much effort and importance he gives to his and work and he values it without expecting anything in return, that the general reception of the public of his works is what he considered his awards. That for me, is the true definition of an “artist”.

It reminded me that I should have the same outlook in life and in my chosen profession as well. It’s true that where I am now (professionally) is not what I’ve dreamed of (but hey, it pays the bill. :/ ) Maybe, someday, I’ll find my true calling and thanks to Bob Dylan, I will always remember how it should be done; all for the work, expect nothing in return..

I can say that with this speech, I may have come to terms that maybe, he deserved the Nobel. I might have to pray hard for next year for Murakami san’s turn for the spotlight. Haha!

I am sharing with you snippet of his speech that I loved the most but you can check out the entirety of it in here.

Well, I’ve been doing what I set out to do for a long time, now. I’ve made dozens of records and played thousands of concerts all around the world. But it’s my songs that are at the vital center of almost everything I do. They seemed to have found a place in the lives of many people throughout many different cultures and I’m grateful for that.

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Eleksyon in da Philippines.


So, Election in the Philippines is over and done with.

So, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte won the Presidency while the wife of the late DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo (which I personally like) Leni Robredo seemed to have won the race for Vice President.

Come June 30, they will take oath in front (or maybe not) of the Filipino people to lead our Nation to a better and hopefully, brighter future.

What comes after that, I wonder?

Not so long ago, I participated in this thing they call “Election” in 2010. That was my first time to vote for the highest post in the country. I was 21, (kinda) fresh outta College and had my hopes up for Gilbert “Gibo”  Teodoro winning the race & changing the world. Although I knew that he will never win, I still voted for him.

You see, that was the time when the former President Corazon Aquino succumbed to cancer. That was the time when LP’s current front runner, then Senator Mar Roxas gave way to then Senator (also) Noynoy Aquino to run for President. And I bet now you remember, that was the time when the Filipino people thought and came up with the idea that “hey, Noynoy (Aquino) could be our next President, his father died for the country (really?!) and his Mom has led us in the 80’s towards a better economy (again, really?!), so why not vote for him?” (-it’s quite a long thought) and so the petition began for Noynoy to step up.

To make the story short, Noynoy won Presidency and I couldn’t be anymore disappointed to my fellow countrymen -insert sad emoticon here-. What I don’t like about it is that they (voters) were blinded, misled by the media’s representation of the Aquino Clan and the thought that if you are the son of a great hero and a past leader of the country, you are QUALIFIED to run too! Like, duh?! Yes, he was a Senator that time but No, I don’t see why he is qualified for the post. It. Does. Not. Run. In. The. Blood.

To qualify, I personally (and I say this IMO) think that you have to have enough experience politically and that preferably, you started from the bottom and made your way up, slowly. Take FVR (Fidel V.Ramos) for example, he started from the Military and later on assumed position as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and Secretary for National Defense respectively.

Moving on,  Noynoy became our President and while some would say he did NOTHING for the country, some claimed otherwise and that the country’s economy boomed under his Administration. I don’t want to go into the details and statistics as to the reliability of these claims but I got nothing good to say about him so I better shut up.

While Duterte and Noynoy vary in many ways you and I can enumerate, they both won the Presidency due to the fervent need of the Filipino people for change, particularly in the Government system. The support that people have thrown for Duterte  during his candidacy is overwhelming that I wonder if he ever wins (which he already did), will he ever meet all of these expectations? Yes, he has led Davao to be one of the safest cities in the world and his advocacy against crime and corruption is as good as it gets but can he effectively lead a Nation with diverse and complex demands?

These people who voted for Duterte have shown solid support to him and his platforms. I’m in awe as to how far their loyalty (to the man) can take them, I have seen it online everyday during the Election period. I’d like to think that they are not “blind supporters” and hope that the man they chose to lead our country will live up to their expectations. As we move forward as a Nation under a new leader, I wish the citizen will find it in them to change their ways too, and not solely depend the Nation’s success in our leaders. I wish they’d realize that (as cliche as it sounds) change starts from ourselves and it should start today.

I hope our President will focus more on our country’s Education system as I firmly believe that it is one of the strongest foundations a country can rely on. If your voters are educated, they’ll be more aware of the candidate that is deserving of whatever post they are voting for. If you are educated enough to know the difference between a “TraPo” and a qualified candidate, then the country’s right on track!

P.S. And uhmmm, if you’re wondering, No I did not vote (I’m based overseas) and Yes, I would’ve vote for Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.